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T’ai Chi Chih teachers Laurin McDonald & Lesley Neil in Oxfordshire hosted the first of its kind workshop open to students ‘willing to stay the course and teach [TCC] at the end of their journey.’ Seven people attended the workshop.
Participants came from Acupuncture, Yoga Pilates, Reflexology, Natural Health Service Clinical Psychology, and a Secondary High School.



Jonathan R says: “When I saw [T’ai Chi Chih] practice on the prison television, I knew it as a sign. I started coming, and I experienced it as a chance to share a moment of Life with others. When I’m doing [TCC] practice it creates a filter—filter for bad thoughts from all around this place. … When I see these guys from class out on the Yard, we share a connection. We nod and we know.


A few years ago in Florida, I was introduced to T’ai Chi. But since I was too lazy to get up for early morning lessons, I let go of the passing interest. Then, after an illness let me rather depressed and listless a year ago, I sought out healing aids. Achieving a better quality of life becomes a serious goal as we age. And upon entering my 70’s, I took this to heart. A T’ai Chi Chih article in our local newspaper caught my eye. After a phone call to my soon-to-be- teacher, I received the gift of TCC. This past year has shown me that my choice of aids has many benefits.

Love Vibrates 528 HZ
Love Vibrates 528 HZ
Ready for Transformation?

T’ai Chi Chih® Joy of Movement is a form that merges Eastern & Western energy concepts and thoughts. TCC provides an opportunity to explore ones’ life journey, both inner & outer, and to improve ones’ health. Tai Chi Chih is a remarkable resource at most any age for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Rebalancing. Let a few true stories from The Vital Force Journal ** be your guide.


Is one
Power that
Heals all the wounds
Of a cruel
Pyramid Poem by Judy TrethewayThe Vital Force November 2019 p15


Joy Vibrates 546 HZ
Joy Vibrates 546 HZ
WALDROP WOODS – A Memoir for Today.



Oreann Kempadoo, a TCC teacher in Rockland County, studied and practiced T’ai Chi Chih for five years becoming accredited in 2015. Oreann then began her ‘lofty task’ of introducing TCC to Rockland County’s 350,000 residents. Here is some of what a student, Laina, has to say about Oreann’sclasses of TCC.


I’m certainly glad I fit [T’ai Chi Chih] into my schedule. It’s an experience I wouldn’t have had otherwise, says R. Bethke. I don’t know how much of what I learned is going to stick in my life, though. I would love to say I’m going to continue practicing, but that’s probably not true… I think the issue is that I am not really a spiritual person and TCC has a very strong spiritual component. It can be done without said part, but that feels sort of incomplete. I’m always going to be a facts Guy.

The benefits of learning and practicing T’ai Chi Chih as you have read are many. These stories are from The Vital Force Journal** which is published quarterly, maintained and written entirely by teachers and students in the T’ai Chi Chih® Community.